Black Light Theatre - TaFantastika

About the performance

A classic black theatre performance based on the motifs of “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, which has won the hearts of audiences in over thirty countries on three continents for its imagination, poetry and technical wizardry. It is not a literal adaptation for the stage, but takes up the story where Alice ceases to be a little girl. The author allows Alice, with the aid of our imagination, to experience the wonderful moments of growing up: first love, awakening adulthood and awareness of life, laughter and tears, joy and sadness. All this takes place against the background of Old Prague, a city of architectural jewels and rich historical associations, but also the crossroads of Christian and Jewish culture.

The creative direction, the large-scale projections and animated film made especially for this production, the puppets, amazing tricks and black theatre special effects, the exciting contemporary music alongside classical music by Bedřich Smetana (My Fatherland) and Antonín Dvořák (The Slavic Dances) mixed with your own fantasy – all this and more makes for an incredible theatrical experience you won’t see on any other stage.